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  1. Van Khanh Nguyen, Nhien Nguyen, Zhe-Cheng Li, Chao-Min Cheng, Jui-To Wang, Yu-Wei Chiang, Hsiang-Lin Song, Shih-Kai Lo, Cam Hoa Mac, Yen Chang, Wei-Tso Chia*, and Hsing-Wen Sung* “Inflammation-Activated Endogenous Macrophage-Mediated Prodrug Delivery System Overcoming Biological Barriers for Enhanced Oral Meningitis Therapy” Advanced Functional Materials,2024. (Accepted)

  2. Cam-Hoa Mac, Hsien-Meng Tai, Sheng-Min Huang, Hsu-Hsia Peng, Amit Kumar Sharma, Giang Le Thi Nguyen, Pei-Ju Chang, Jui-To Wang, Yen Chang, Yu-Jung Lin, Hsing-Wen Sung*, ”Orally Ingested Self-Powered Stimulators for Targeted Gut–Brain Axis Electrostimulation to Treat Obesity and Metabolic Disorders”, Advanced Materials, 202310351, 2024. (SCI IF 29.4)


  1. Putry Yosefa Siboro+, Amit Kumar Sharma+, Pei-Jhun Lai, Jayachandran Jayakumar, Fwu-Long Mi, Hsin-Lung Chen, Yen Chang*,Hsing-Wen Sung*, "Harnessing HfO2 Nanoparticles for Wearable Tumor Monitoring and Sonodynamic Therapy in Advancing Cancer Care" ACS Nano, 2485–2499,2023. (SCI IF 17.1)

  2. Cam-Hoa Mac, Hsien-Meng Tai, Sheng-Min Huang, Hsu-Hsia Peng, Amit Kumar Sharma, Giang Le Thi Nguyen, Pei-Ju Chang, Jui-To Wang, Yen Chang, Yu-Jung Lin, Hsing-Wen Sung*, ”Orally Ingested Self-Powered Stimulators for Targeted Gut–Brain Axis Electrostimulation to Treat Obesity and Metabolic Disorders”, Advanced Materials, 2023. Revision under Review (SCI IF 29.4)

  3. Cheng-Yu Wu+, Cam-Hoa Mac+, Tung-Han Yang+, Khanh Nguyen, Shih-Kai Lo, Yen Chang, Po-Liang Lai, Hsing-Wen Sung*, Yu-Jung Lin*,” Nanoscale Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production System Mitigates Inflammation by Harnessing Glycolysis Waste”, Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 476,146614, 2023. (SCI IF 15.1)

  4. Yu-Jung Lin, Po-Kai Luo, Huei-Rou Su, Hung-Yun Lu, Wan-An Chang, Min-Chun Chiang, Hsin-Lung Chen, Kai Chen, Hao-Ji Wei*, Kun-Ju Lin*, Sung, H. W.*, ”A Low-Energy Emulsification Platform Based on a Diet Coke–Mentos Reaction-Derived Bubbly Flow for Formulating Various Emulsions as Drug Carriers”, Biomaterials,122264, 2023 (SCI IF 14.0)

  5. Kuan-Hung Chen, Tun-Yu Huang, Nhien Nguyen, Yu-Tzu Yu, Yu-Jung Lin, Hsiang-Lin Song, Jui-To Wang, Hsin-Lung Chen, Sung, H. W.* “Macrophage-Hitchhiked Orally Administered β-Glucans-Functionalized Nanoparticles as “Precision-Guided Stealth Missiles” for Targeted Pancreatic Cancer Therapy” Advanced Materials, 2304735. (2023 June) (SCI IF 29.4)

  6. Chih-Wei Chou, Wei-Tso Chia, Cam-Hoa Mac, Cheng-Yu Wu, Chun-Chieh Chen, Hsiang-Lin Song, Yi-Hsuan Lin, Yu-Jung Lin*, and Sung, H. W.*, “Selective Accumulation of Ionic Nanocrystal H2 Storage System as an In Situ H2/Boric Acid Nanogenerator Fights against Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcers“ ,Chemical Engineering J, Volume 463, 142373. (2023 May) (SCI IF 15.1)


  1. Zhang, Y. C., Wang, M. Y., Zhang, C. Y., Fan, Y. F., Wu, J., Li, S. H., ... Sung, H. W*& Li, R. K. (2022 Nov.). Epicardial delivery of a conductive membrane synchronizes conduction to reduce atrial fibrillation. Journal of Controlled Release, 351, 847-859.(11.467)

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  3. Mac, C. H., Chan, H. Y., Lin, Y. H., Sharma, A. K., Song, H. L., Chan, Y. S., Lin,K.J., Lin,Y.J., Sung, H. W* (2022 May.) “Engineering a biomimetic bone scaffold that can regulate redox homeostasis and promote osteogenesis to repair large bone defects” Biomaterials, 286, 121574. (IF 15.304)

  4. Nguyen, N., Lin, Z. H., Barman, S. R., Korupalli, C., Cheng, J. Y., Song, N. X., Chang,Y., Mi,F.-L.,  Song,H.-L., Sung, H. W*., Lin,Y. J*. (2022 May.)“Engineering an Integrated Electroactive Dressing to Accelerate Wound Healing and Monitor Noninvasively Progress of Healing. “Nano Energy, 107393. (IF: 17.881)


  1. Miao, Y. B., Lin, Y. J., Chen, K. H., Luo, P. K., Chuang, S. H., Yu, Y. T., Tai, H. M., Chen, C. T., Lin, K. J., Sung, H. W.*, “Engineering Nano- and Microparticles as Oral Delivery Vehicles to Promote Intestinal Lymphatic Drug Transport” Advanced Materials, 2104139, 2021. (SCI 30.85)

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  4. Chen, P.-M., Pan, W.-Y.,Luo, P.-K.,Phung, H.-N., Liu, Y.-M., Chiang, M.-C., Chang, W.-A., Tien, T.-L., Huang, C.-Y., Wu, W.-W., Chia, W.-T.*, Sung, H.W*,“Pollen-Mimetic Metal–Organic Frameworks with Tunable Spike-Like Nanostructures That Promote Cell Interactions to Improve Antigen-Specific Humoral Immunity” ACS Nano, vol.15, pp.5775-7836, 2021. (SCI 15.881)

  5. Hsieh,M.H., Wei,H.J., Chen,K.H., Wang,H.C., Yu,C.H., Lu,T.H., Chang,Y.*, Sung, H.W*,“A fast and facile platform for fabricating phase-change materials-based drug carriers powered by chemical Marangoni effect” Biomaterials, vol.271, pp. 120748, 2021. (SCI 12.497)

  6. An, Z., Wu, J., Li, S.H., Chen, S., Lu, F.L., Xu, Z.Y., Sung, H.W, Li, R.K.,“Injectable Conductive Hydrogel Can Reduce Pacing Threshold and Enhance Efficacy of Cardiac Pacemaker” Theranostics, vol.11(8), pp3948-3960, 2021. (SCI 11.556)



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