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    Our group has been extensively involved in the fields of biomaterials applied for drug/gene delivery and tissue engineering.
■ Myocardial Tissue Engineering
Bioengineered scaffolds populated with stem cells and growth factors are developed for myocardial tissue regeneration. Also, living cell sheets and 3D cell bodies of stem cells are developed for intramyocardial injection to rescue the infarcted myocardium.
■ Bubble-Generating Carrier Systems
Agents that can generate gas bubbles are encapsulated in carrier systems (liposomes and microspheres) for actively triggering drug release locally to establish effective tumor-selective chemotherapy and other therapeutic applications.
■ In-situ Forming Hydrogel
In-situ forming hydrogels are developed for photothermal inducible hyperthermia in cancer and inflammation treatments.  
■ Nanomedicine
Novel self-assembled nanoparticles conjugated with specific ligands are developed for targeting cancer cells. Also, a platform technology, using multifunctional nanoparticles that can assist in absorption enhancement and protease inhibition, for oral delivery of therapeutic proteins (such as insulin) and polysaccharides are developed.

■  心肌組織再生工程


■  產氣式藥物釋放載體


■  原位成形光熱治療水膠


■  奈米生醫


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